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Address : Carretera de Vidra km 5.5, Santa Maria de Besora, Barcelona, Spain

Country : Spain

Fax : -34938529051

Mobile : 34-620046146

Website : www.goldepele.net


Description : Best quality fur directly from the producer. Specialized in Silky Rex Rabbit, Standard Rabbit and Chinchillas.

We are leather producers who have our own fur clothes collection, but we also work with the best recognized worldwide brands.

With more than 60 years of experience in the rabbit breeding, our careful work breeding and fattering the animals accomplishes strict requirements of traceability. We apply exclusive control of the skins tanning and all the procedures used on them to be able the offer the best confection.

Only following with extremely precision our process is it possible to achieve skins of this high quality. You will never feel deceived with Goldepele.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Fur Skins, Specially Rabbit, Silky Rex And Chinchilla
Services : fur skins, specially rabbit, silky rex and chinchilla