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Phone : 31-180-618922

Company : TSS International BV

Address : Zuideinde 30, Barendrecht, ZH, Netherlands

Country : Netherlands

Postcode : 2991LK

Fax : 31-180-611326

Website : www.tssh.com


Description : Years of experience has made TSS a leader in the European market with so-called runflat systems of the manufacturers Rodgard for the civilian and para-military markets and Hutchinson for the military markets. Runflat systems are mainly fitted to protected vehicles, ***** cash-in-transit vehicles, armoured limousines for VIP's, armoured 4x4 vehicles for embassies and aid-organizations, para-military vehicles and various military vehicles. Since 2007 TSS also supplies Heavy-Duty 2-piece wheels for military applications. TSS has its own production for various applications in protected, explosion-suppressant and self-sealing fuel tanks with a flame-retardant outercoating.
Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Vehicle, Security
Services : vehicle, security