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Phone : 30-24610-64543

Company : Honey Sithon

Address : Ag.Dimitriou 1, Niki, Halkidiki, Greece

Country : Greece

Postcode : 50100

Fax : 30-24610-53969

Website : www.honeysithon.gr


Description : The Agricultural Bee Keeping Co-Op of Nikiti - Chalkidiki was established the year 1952 from apiculturalists of the town of Nikiti.The purpose of the Co-Op is the production and distribution of honey and bee products for the financial support and benefits of the apiculturalists. Since 1987 the Co-Op introduced standardization and packaging of honey and bee products with the cinstruction and operation of a conntemporary honey-processing factory of 3.000 sq. m. area.The Co-Op is located near the town of Nikiti in the Sithonia municipality of the Chalkidiki county.Today it consists of 125 members that are professional apiculturalists with excellent professional training and experience (that goes back X generations). The members use about 50.000 colonies in European type hives.The average yearly production of the Co-Op is close to 800 metric tons (1800 lbs) of honey in different types. Main types produced are: - Pine Honey - Blossom Honey - Forest Honey - Erika (sousoura) - and many other types of the blossom honey category such as cottonhoney, melikompos, sunflower honey, chest honey etc.
Locality : Nikiti Chalkidiki
Category : Business Type:Agents
Services : Pollyflower Honey Pine Tree Honey Natural Honey
Services : pollyflower honey pine tree honey natural honey