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Address : 45 Hill, Uppington, Northern cape, South Africa

Country : South Africa

Postcode : 8845

Fax : 27-862727008

Mobile : +27-846647545

Website : www.nightingaleglobaltrading.com


Description : NIGHTINGALE GLOBAL TRADING (PTY)LTD is an Export & Import Company based in Upington, Northern cape , South Africa with an International perspective. Our main business is the Export, Import and Trading of Quality South African Products & Commodities in various sectors of trade. We specialize mainly in Fresh Fruits, Food Products, Agricultural product, grains and many more etc. We would like an opportunity to develop International Trade Relations with your organization. With our expertise, experience and supply base at our disposal, I am sure we will be able to meet your requirements. Product Types 1. Fresh Fruits 2. Vegetables 3.grains etc,
Locality : South Africa
Category : Business Type:Exporters
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