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Company : Raw Uranium Ltd

Address : claim street, cape town, Other, South Africa

Country : South Africa

Postcode : 2001

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Description : These small, unassuming blackish-grey pieces of mineral are Uranium ore - the same radioactive element used to make nuclear weapons. This is raw, unprocessed, unenriched ore that is byproduct of the mining process. These pieces come from the African country of Congo and are becoming increasingly rare due to civil war and violence in the region. This is mixed ore which may contain the following uranium-rich minerals : Carnotite, Tyuyamunite, Uraninite, Uranophane, Gummite, or Schroeckingerite. These pieces are safe to own and handle because the level of radioactivity is very low - however, please wash your hands after handling and do not allow children to play with it. Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for example and is not included. You get one large or a few small fragments selected from the larger lot shown. Your specimen will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage and display.
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Services : Uranium Raw Ore - Rare Mildly-Radioactive Pieces
Services : uranium raw ore - rare mildly-radioactive pieces