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Phone : 27-443821285

Company : Leather Rose

Address : Queen, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

Country : South Africa

Postcode : 6570

Fax : 27-866970851

Mobile : 27-834410845

Website : www.leatherrose.com


Description : All of us at Leather Rose have a passion for making truly unique hand made handbags which are crafted from exotic leather as well as local and imported superior leather. We have years of experience gained in the leather industry across the country and all now focus on creating something special here in the heart of the Eden district. By setting up a business where people are trained and empowered with skills and then set up in their homes to work from home, we hope to make an impact in the local community. Where people are able to work from home, they can both work full time or part time and still be involved in their households.
Various independent artisans are being meticulously trained in creating their own leather masterpieces within the Leather Rose product ranges. This skills development initiative adds variety to the brand range and uplifts the local community by offering valuable opportunities to harvest the raw talent of local artisans. We also look to see where we can utilize linkages in the community and in this way increase our local footprint.
All our handbags are designer, luxury leather art works, hand crafted and hand stitched using the finest exotic skins. Each piece has been designed with the intention of preserving the natural, raw beauty of the leather and transforming it into an object to be enjoyed for life. Each bag is a unique, original design created by a highly skilled artist using only the highest quality materials. Each handbag is fully lined with soft suede to ensure that the lining is as durable as the bag, and also making it easy to clean and care for.
Most of the exotic hides used to produce our products are of South African origin, plus every piece is handmade, usually with our signature hand stitching and created locally in the Eden district.
All our handbag hardware is imported and each piece is carefully chosen for its aesthetic value as well as its functionality. We are however working on developing skills in metalwork and currently make limited hardware items in house.
Our products are for those who appreciate outstanding quality, designs representing the wearers personality, and individual sense of style, be it classical elegance to a flamboyant show stopper, each item is a piece of leather couture.
Locality : Knysna
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Manufacture, Cmt Operator, Private Label Manufacturer
Services : manufacture, cmt operator, private label manufacturer