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Country : Angola

Postcode : 650000

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Description : We are IBIX TRADING based in SINGAPORE , Angola. We are member of Tradekey.com since September, 2009. Our business is related to Minerals & Metallurgy industry and we specifically deal in . Please find our product details below: Sell Thai Rice Direct rice supplier from Thailand at reasonable prices. Procedures: 1. Buyer issues ICPO to the Seller 2. Seller offers draft SPA to the buyer to review and signs 3. Seller countersigned the SPA and send it back to the buyer via email in order for both sides lodging into respective banks. 4. Within 5 International Banking days after signing the contract buyer shall cause his buying bank to open DLC to Seller designated bank, DLC payable 45 days from the date of bill of lading's issuance. 5. Within 7 banking days after receipt of financial instruments the seller will issue 2% performance bond against the value of the Documentary Letter of Credit in order to activate this DLC operative. 6. Seller shall arrange the shipment as per signed SPA Thank you for taking the time to go through our business profile. If there are any question, inquiry or comments, please feel free to contact us.
Category : Business Type:Exporters
Services : GOLD DUST
Services : GOLD DUST

IBIX TRADING , Tel 244-065-98400908

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244-065-98400908 / 24406598400908 IBIX TRADING

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