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Description : SALES AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT FOR GOLDCONTRACT CODE : SELLERS CODE: BUYERS CODE: This Agreement (The Agreement) made and effective on this ….th day of ……………. 2012 by and between:SELLER: a corporation organized and licensed gold Buyer/Seller existing under the laws of Republic of Ghana.ADDRESS: REPRESENTED BY: PHONE: E-MAIL: Hereinafter referred to as SellerandBUYER:Desert Diamond fzc Gh Ltd Accra Ghana Suleman Armah: Managing DirectorNeels Harmse : EMAIL: MOB : Hereinafter referred to as the Buyer and SELLER AND BUYER may hereinafter be referred to individually or collectively as a “PARTY or “PARTIES.NOW THEREFORE; the parties agree to the terms and condition as follows:SCOPE OF THE CONTRACTA: The Seller under full authority and responsibility declares that he has the ability and unrestricted right to sell the gold and guarantees that he is capable to legally export through PMMC. B: The Buyer, under full corporate authority and responsibility declares that he and his associates have the full capability to purchase the gold COMMODITY SPECIFICATIONS:1: COMMODITY: GOLD2: FORM : .DUST3: PURITY : …% PLUS4: FINENESS : …+KARAT5: ORIGN : GHANA6: PRICE : …..USD$ USD PER KILO7: PACKING : NA 8: QUANTITY : XXX KilogramsXXX KILOS FIRST CONSIGMENTDELIVERY TERMS AND DOCUMENTSThe delivery terms for this agreement shall be FOB PMMC Office Accra Ghana (the refinery). The Buyer will be responsible for any Transportation, Export and storage fees to move the product once delivered to the refinery.Seller shall convey the goods to the refinery. Product would be smelted by the refinery. Assay report would be issued by the refinery.PAYMENT TERMSBuyer shall make full payment per contract value to the seller at Buyers bank, once gold has been assayed. SELLERS BANKING INFROMATION:BANK NAME : BANK ADDRESS : BANK ACCOUNT: …..SWIFT CODE : ACCOUNT NAME: WARRANTIESThe parties/signatories to this SPA Warrant and represent.1: That they have full personal and corporate legal authority vested by them personally and by their corporation to sign / execute and to enter into this agreement.2: That this transaction and terms hereof constitute a fully binding legal transaction and that respective signing parties hereof are aware that there is no known violation of any law by her or it by entering into this agreement. Any misrepresentation to this article will be deemed as fraud and will subject the guilty party to criminal prosecution under applicable law.3: Seller warrants that the commodity can be lifted without restrictions to anywhere in world.4: The Seller agrees to supply through the refinery without obstruction.5. The Buyer will assay the shipment through the refinery on his licence ,however the ownership will be of the Seller.6: Buyer warrants that it is financially capable of performing its obligations as required in this Agreement.7. Each party agrees to pay commissions to their own brokers/mandates.PROCEDURE TO COMMENCE THIS TRANSACTION1: Buyer and Seller meet to execute this Contract Agreement.2: Seller transports the Au to the refinery for assay on the buyers licence.3: Buyer pays seller in full (at Buyers bank in Accra), after confirmation and satisfaction of assay of minimum 92% purity.4: Seller transfers ownership to buyer on receipt of payment.5. It must be very well understood, that the Buyer has his own export licence and gold licence, which will be used during the assay process as mentioned above , the Buyer will not visit the Seller at his offices due to the traffic in Accra and will not request Au samples for testing beforehand and prefer to meet the Seller at the address to be agreed upon in Accra and all final arrangements will be conducted and arranged at table top meeting . The Seller will be paid at Access Bank in Accra after assay report, when Buyer and Seller will leave the Refinery straight after assay and be paid in Access Bank DEFAULT AND CLAIMSDefault and claim means failure to deliver the commodity as described in this agreement in the event either SELLER or BUYER cannot fulfil this agreement.1. Upon Final signature of this agreement, both parties is bided to this contract and agree that should the “SELLER or “BUYER “ not perform accordingly , the party in default will pay the other party an amount of $ 15000.00 USD within 24 hours otherwise it is agreed to report this matter to local police and claim such funds , due to the effort of “Buyers” transport and accommodation costs to arrive from abroad and “Sellers” transport and accommodation costs from the village 2. It is further agreed that the party in default hereby agree that no defence to be filed in the Law of Ghana and would this default be deliberate and fraudulentNON-CIRCUMVENTON NON-DISCLOSURE CONFIDENTIALITYThe undersigned parties hereby certify that they are fully satisfied about the genuineness of the SELLER and BUYER.The documents which are going to follow this Agreement like those listed herein above banking details and /or any information contained in such documents will not be passed, under any circumstance, onto another intermediary or broker or provider/financier or prior specific written consent of the party (s) providing such information.This Agreement is made and entered into on this date, shall obligate the undersigned, parent companies , any nominees ,representatives , successors ,clients and assigns hereinafter referred to as the parties jointly severally , mutually and reciprocally for the terms and conditions of expressly stated and agree below , and that this Agreement may be referenced from time to time in any documents, or written Agreements, the terms and condition of this Agreement shall apply to any exchange of information written or oral involving financial information .Personal or corporate names, contracts initiated by or involving the parties and any addition. Renewal. Extension, roll-over amendment, renegotiation or new Agreement hereinafter referred to as the transaction (project transaction) for any facility require.EXCLUSIVITY OF AGREEMENTThis Agreement is exclusive and assignable and exists solely for the benefit of the named Buyer and Seller. The Buyer shall provide a signed and completed copy of any assignment, conveyance, or transfer and send same to the Seller. Any such assignment. Conveyance or transfer of this Agreement and the right and responsibilities in connection with it by the Buyer Shall be demand valid and in full force. No amendments to this agreement will be allowed, unless reduced to writing, and signed by both parties.CONCLUSIONS DECLARATION AND SIGNATUREThis Agreement may be executed in multiple counterparts. Facsimile (EDT) copies of the signed Agreement are here by accepted as originals. And shall be deemed to be valid, effective and enforceable. The parties shall execute and distribute the original signed copies among themselves promptly following exchange of EDT Agreement.This Agreement shall incur to and obligate the undersigned parties and their partners, associates, employers, affiliates, subsidiaries, parent companies. Any nominees, representatives, successors,clients and assigns, hereinafter referred to as the parties, jointly severally, mutually and reciprocally for the terms and conditions expressly stated and agreed to herein.Each of the parties to this agreement confirms that it has full legal authority to execute this agreement and that each party is bound by terms and conditions as set forth herein, either as individual, corporate entity or on behalf of a corporate entity.Each party to the other warrants, under penalty of perjury that to representation made in this contract is true and accurate to best of his knowledge and belief. Each party acknowledges that he makes, executes, and delivers this contract as his free act and deed .This contracts must be signed in contract must be signed in counterpart and will be lawful and fully effective even though signatures may not be placed at the same time and same location. The parties hereto have subscribed their signature and in doing so have understood. Agreed and accepted the terms and conditions as herein.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties acknowledge that they have understood all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and hereby agree to honour and to be bound all clauses with the privileges, right and immunities herein provided, making this Agreement effective on and as of the Effective Date upon signing by all parties. Sworn, signed, and certified under the pains and penalties of perjury. FOR & ON BEHALF OF (SELLER) FOR & ON BEHALF OF (BUYER) Signature: Seller Signature: Buyer Full Name: Full Name:Mr N Harmse & Mr Suleman ArmahPassport No : Passport Date: 2011 Date: 2011
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