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Phone : 224-24-572626

Company : AFRIMAK & Novotel

Address : 18 kipe road bambeto, kipe, Conakry, Guinea

Country : Guinea

Postcode : 06652

Mobile : 224-24572626

Website : www.nowebsite.com


Description : Hello there, I am the marketing manager of a small scale Mining company based in Guinea, Africa with operating license in South Africa, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone We have gold dust, gold bars, diamonds and metals scrap for sale at cheap prize. We have been storing our gold dust over a period of time and now wish to sell to enable us develop our mining site. We the principal sellers are pleased to make this offer of AU Gold Dust Under the penalty of perjury and with full corporate and legal responsibility to the following terms and conditions. SPECIFICATION: - Product: Aurum Utalium (Au) Gold Dust, Bar, ingot and nugot - Fineness: 22 Carat + - Purity: 99.05% - Quantity: 515kg - Origin: Guinea and Sierra Leone - Price : US$32, 000 Per/Kg Negotiable
Locality : SIGURI
Category : Business Type:Business Services
Services : Gold And Diamonds
Services : gold and diamonds