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Description : The Kenieba, Sadjiola and Loulo village mining unit Mali west Africa, is a great mining unit which is really improving based on the excess facilities and the industrious miners in the community, though some experts from different part of areas are also involved in this mining process due to thier skills and experience on the mining work, it has really been very strict on thier procedures and this is why the Mali government recommended this mining unit as the best and value able unit among all the mining units in Mali. It was been established in the year 1980, also one the oldest mining unit here in Mali but not really known by too many foreigners only few, so we wish to make it known by clients far and wide globally to recognise this unit that is why we have to make it paced on the websites where buyers and sellers of precious metals do visit, So we are here to supply the needs and wants of interested clients who are really ready to purchase our alluvial gold dust/gold powder and gold dory bar on a cheaper rate instead of the government price which do scare people from getting into this purchase . Clients are expected to come over to Mali, for the first consignment which will start from 1-20kgs alluvial gold dust with cash and carry, also for an eye view if willing to purchase with us, and we will give the best hospitality to clients who are willing to come and purchase with us and also for a safety transaction on both parties before or after the end of transaction. The main target of this Kenieba, Sadjiola and Loulo miners is to achieve the great mining records so far, at this time our local miners has it partners and representatives around the world especially in the european countries and USA-Japan where we can transact. We are using local machineries, equipments, and we still need official development in the communities where we have our fields and extral undevelop mining villages. such as electricity and water is required to assist the villagers. schools are yet to be stebalish to help the chidren and the youth in this lands. Many others wants to joint with our community, and many has become our partners and investors under the Kenieba, Sadjiola and Loulo Village Gold Mines in Republic of Mali West Africa. You never witness your interest or succesfull business with the Kenieba, Sadjiola and Loulo Village Gold Mines untill you visit the community or concluded one transaction. We only sellect the experienced and local people for laboural works, each of the workers pay for application fees as and legally regiestered and Legalize as one of our worker who will protect the image of the company and will not involve the company or it name in fake gold business. As some of the fake gold sellers uses the legal gold mining companies for scams, so any of our worker who involve in Illegal business will serve the prison. We welcome your idea and suggestion on how we could joint hands together to develop our mines, and if you wishes to invest or becoming our partner in overseas the road is open for new investors. Commodity: (AU) Gold Metal, Form: AU Gold Dust Selling Conditions : cash payment only Quantity : 25kg available daily Carat : 22carats+ Purity : 93.5% or better First consignment : 1-25kg Raw Gold Dory Bars Selling Price : per kg on U$ cash payment Origin :gold - Mali Color : bright yellow color Packing : in export packaging metal boxes Shipping : by Air France/Royal Air Maroc Awaiting to your enquiry and sincerely hope to be a partner of you. Sincerely yours, Sy Abdoulaye
Locality : Mali
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Alluvial Gold Dust, Gold Powder, Raw Gold Dory Bar
Services : alluvial gold dust, gold powder, raw gold dory bar