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Phone : 223-615-7542

Company : Abdoulayegoldmining

Address : Korofina Sud, Rue 57 Porte 241, Bamako Mali, Bamako, Bamako, Mali

Country : Mali

Postcode : 00223

Fax : 223-615-7654

Mobile : 223-6115545


Description : Dear buyer, "Alaikkum Assalaam wa rahmatullahu wa barakathuhu" We registered and licenced to mine gold with ministry of Mines, Energy & Geology Republic of Mali, of which we have our reputation here in Mali, by the Government. We are the leading local gold miners located from Mali, we mine and export our product gold worldwide and we stand firm by supplying mainly on gold dory bars with best price, we offer to our interested clients, also we help by shipping sample purchase to does who dont have time to come down in Mali to purchase. We are capable to supply you our product gold dust and dory bars base on cash payment and at the same time we offer on FOB from 50 kilos with export charges which is 7% buyer has to pay directly to the Trabsit Shipping Company gere in Mali, before their could ship the metal to any of buyers choice of refinery. Commodity: AU Gold Dust/Gold Dory Bars Selling Conditions : 1 to 5 kgs cash payment Quantity : 50kg available daily Carat : 22carats+ Purity : 93.5% or better Selling : on FOB from 20 kgs Origin :gold - Mali Color : bright yellow color Packing : in export packaging metal boxes Shipping : by Air France/Royal Air Maroc. Hope you will take a wise decision and this will be the beginning of the everlasting solid business. Yours truly, Mr.Sy Abdoulaye
Locality : Mali
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Alluvial Gold Dust, Gold Bars
Services : alluvial gold dust, gold bars