20-1110257100 / Al-Arabiya For Business Enhancement

Phone : 20-1110257100

Company : Al-Arabiya For Business Enhancement

Address : Smart Village, 28km Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Giza, Abou Rawash, Egypt

Country : Egypt

Mobile : 20-1208282067

Website : www.alarabiyabusiness.net


Description : Al-Arabiya, Founded in Egyptian Market to provide outsourcing solutions, Enhance, Marketing and Export Natural Raw Materials for Medium Quarries like (Industrial Salt, Rock Salt or Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Feldspar, Kaolin and Silica) Plus our new business in up cycling PET for bottle grade and industrial woven.

Why Al-Arabiya? We're trusted name which can provide High Quality Products, Lowest Cost and Logistics Advantage to all over the world.
Locality : Siwa, Badr City and Red Sea Area
Category : Business Type:Exporters
Services : Pet Upcycling For Bottles Grade And Industrial Woven, Calcium Carbonate, Feldspar, Silica, Kaolin, Rock Salt And Omyalin
Services : pet upcycling for bottles grade and industrial woven, calcium carbonate, feldspar, silica, kaolin, rock salt and omyalin