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Company : Comako International Inc.

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Description : COMAKO Group (Parent Company; Mexico).
Comako Group is the mother ship for a diversified group of companies. These companies have many years of experience and successes. The group has highlighted track records in each of its industries. We are pleased to share with our clients that our shareholders and operating executives and committed to building a business that offers great products and services to our customers. Our vision includes adding value to our stakeholders, employees and the produce community.
Organic Agriculture Division (OAD); a division of the Comako Group is committed to farm and growing high quality products; 100% organic. Currently, OD is producing and trading various products: Roma tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, Grape tomatoes, Cactus leafs, Aloe Vera, and Aromatic herbs and spices… all with the NOP certification standards of the USDA.
Food Products Division (FPD); our food products division has successfully grown over the years and today we have 19 fully owned points of sales locations. These are leading food and beverage brands in the market.
Energy Distribution Division (EDD); our energy division was born as a result of our vision to maximize our points of sale. Today we own (gas and diesel) stations (with convenient food & grocery items). These convenient stores are located in strategic places. Over time, we succeeded in expanding this division to include the distribution of fuel. We were able to achieve this though the creation of two wholesale facilities; Today these facilities service 3 states; Coahuila, Durango and Zacatecas.
Comako Groups vision and its success are reflected through the passion of its 350 employees. The passion of our people, it great products and services illuminate the vision that the founders set forward. The milestone sales was reached in 2012 and today we look forward to growing beyond $60 Million in sales.
We seek new horizons and have committed our resources to expand the vision to international markets. Our first step was to choose a market that is ready to receive our great products and services. After some through research, we choose the US as the first partner to expand the COMAKO VISION. It was an easy choice because our countries share each others history, culture, language and entrepreneurship. The opportunities continue to present themselves and today we are pleased to say that we are an established organization in the United States:
Along with the detailed description of Comako Internationals Business purpose, its activities and strategy (presented through this Business Plan) we are determined to reach the most efficient and reliable sectors of the market. We will look to establish relationships with the retail industry. We will seek to establish partnership(s) with food service accounts. We will partner with selected wholesale accounts in each major city. We will also seek to establish relationships with specialized organic distribution companies. We will establish distribution locations throughout the country so that we can meet Just-N-Time deliveries.
The COMAKO WAY is a direct way for Organic Produce and we commit to do it in a timely way.

It is time to grow the Comako Way… We want to partner with you. We want grow with you.
Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Broccoli, Organic Tomatoes, Cilantro, Cauliflower, Bananas, Etc
Services : broccoli, organic tomatoes, cilantro, cauliflower, bananas, etc