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Address : 4708 Tripp Court, Raleigh, NC, USA

Postcode : 27616

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Website : www.ebay.com/azelko


Description : I am a private seller with small amounts of handmade beaded jewelry, semi-precious stones, real pearls, opals, some crystal and cloisonne beads. I have fluorite, amazonite, agate, and various stone beads. I have verylimited quantities as I am depleting my stock to explore other avenues. Thank you
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Beads: Glass, Agate, Some Crystal, Amazonite, Pearls, Garnets, Opals:, Small, To Small/Mid, Size, Turquoise, Fluorite, Cloisonne, Beads, (Ask, For, What, You, Need, ).Rings, With, Silver, Various, Semi-Precious, Stones.Contact Me For Details
Services : jewelry, others