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Description : Jamaica Rubber Productsthe first tyre recycling company in the Caribbean, having recognized this growing environmental problem with particular reference to waste tyre disposal has taken a decision to embark on a program to recycle waste tyres as our contribution to solving this disposal problem. And at the same time embarking on what from all indications seem to be a viable business opportunity.

The idea of recycling tyres was borne out of the growing concern of waste management in Jamaica. Jamaica Rubber Products recognizes the importance of green technology and see its effort in operating a recycling plant as a way of positively impacting the waste disposal problem.

This new operation becomes effective as of May 2014. As a consequence of setting up this production operation we will be offering for sale the following products:

Rubber Crumbs
Rubber Granules
Rubber Powder

These products are of the highest standards and will be offered in 10, 30, 40, 60 and 80 mesh.
Mesh Size Size in millimeters Size in inch 30 0.500 0.0197 40 0.389 0.0165 60 0.231 0.0098 80 0.177 0.0070 10 2.000 0.0787

Top quality Crumb Rubber for Asphalt and Reclaim Rubber Unique & high technological process Guarantee the uniform, clean and consistent Quality in the Market Great crumb rubber free of wire and fiber. Sieve analysis reports and samples are available upon request. We have very large production capacity to meet your long term periodic demand. This rubber powder can be used as raw material in various applications, such as Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC), also known as Asphalt Rubber. This is pavement material that consists of regular asphalt concrete mixed with crumb rubber -- ground, used tyres that would otherwise be discarded. We use rubberized asphalt as a pavement material because of its high durability. It has garnered interest for its ability to reduce road noise. Asphalt rubber overlays resulted in up to a 12-decibel reduction in road noise. The use of rubberized asphalt was pioneered in the 1960's because of its high durability. Other benefits of Asphalt Rubber: • Reduction of road noise up to 12 Decibels
• Increased elasticity and resilience at high temperatures.
• Improved resistance to surface initiated and fatigue/reflection cracking due to higher binder contents and elasticity.
• Reduced temperature susceptibility / Improved durability
• Increased viscosity that allows greater film thickness in paving mixes without excessive drain down or bleeding.
• Improved aging and oxidation resistance due to higher binder contents, thicker binder films, and anti-oxidants in the tyre rubber.
• Improved resistance to rutting (permanent deformation) due to higher viscosity, softening points and resilience (stiffer, more elastic binder at high temperatures).
• Lower pavement maintenance costs due to improved pavement durability and performance.
• Improved safety due to better long-term color contrast for pavement markings because rubber acts as a pigment that keeps the pavement black longer.
• Savings in energy and natural resources by using recycled products

Jamaica is a small country with limited landfill areas hence the challenge to address the waste disposal problem is even greater. The threat to national health from increase in mosquito activities as a result of waste tyre storage can only be addressed by reducing the level of stock piles. The threat of fires and its effect on the environment continues to motivate creative thoughts as to the best method of disposal.

A typical scrap tyre contains by weight approximately 70 percent recoverable rubber, 15 percent steel, 3 percent fiber and 12 percent extraneous material.

The Process of recycling waste tyres results in a breakdown in material as listed below:

68% rubber powder and granule
16% steel
11% textile
5% waste

Sherold Philibert owned and operated Compact Travel agency, one of the island’s leading travel services, the largest Banana Chips Company in 1973and he also operated a LPG Distributing Company covering all Customers in the City of Kingston and St. Andrew areas. He developed the first recycling operation for toner and inkjet cartridges in Jamaica and is presently the owner and operator of a small boutique hotel “Royal Reef” for the past 16 years.

Sherold Philibert, chairman and Managing Director of SKDP Haulage & Distribution Limited whichhas been in operation for fifteen years marketing and distributing nutritional food supplement throughout the island of Jamaica. Prior to this he owned and operated St. Ann Beverage limited a local Marketing and distribution company. This company was contracted to the Caribbean’s largest brewery and soft drink manufacturer, Desnoes and Geddes (D&G). D&G is brewers and bottles of the international brand Red Stripe Beer. The company St. Ann Beverages was assigned the responsibility of distributing Red Stripe Beer to most of the northern areas of Jamaica.

Prior to being contracted to D&G Sherold Philibert held the position as Sales and Operations Manager for approximately nine years. In this position he was responsible for all the production, marketing, distribution and sales activities in the rural parishes of Jamaica. He was also responsible for setting up the operation for the D&G range of products in Trinidad and Barbados.

Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert Company Secretary for SKDP Haulage and Distribution Limited is an Attorney at law for the past 26 years. She is a Member of Parliament in the legislator of the Jamaican Government for the past 9 years, Deputy Speaker and Speaker of the House of Representative and Jamaica’s Representative to the ACP Group of countries. She is also the Shadow Minister for the Education Ministry.
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