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Description : Marc Sarosi of AdamawaGems.com, has been in the gemstone and jewelry business since 1984. I started this business from the bottom up, mining and buying gemstones as a gemstone dealer such as amethyst gemstone, topaz gemstone, aquamarine, emerald, garnets and tourmalines while living in Cameroon. A natural extension of loose colored gemstones is colored gemstone rings. Our beautiful collection of "gemstone rings like amethyst rings, aquamarine rings, garnet rings, emerald rings and tourmaline rings).
After returning to the USA full time in 1990, I traveled extensively throughout Africa buying such popular gemstones like tanzanite, amethyst, alexandrite, precious gems like blue sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire. I have such fond memories of these times getting to know the world, and especially Africa and the African people. Recognizing that the internet would be a powerful marketing tool, I moved away from selling wholesale gemstones to the trade and created www.AfricaGems.com in 1998 to bring beautiful high quality precious gemstones and semi precious gemstones to our world-wide clientele. AfricaGems continues to gain popularity because of the excellent quality of products
Locality : Africa
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Services : gemstone