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Phone : 1-864-9677085

Company : Stewarts Of America, Inc.

Address : 2825 Kemet Way, Simpsonville, SC, USA

Postcode : 29681

Fax : 1-864-9674361

Mobile : 864-3549854

Website : http://www.stewartsofamerica.com


Description : Stewarts of America, Inc. manufacture Pins, Pinned Products and Perforating Machinery Pins and Pinned products and tooling for: Hot pin perforation Cold pin perforation Textile pinned rollers Open End Spinning Products Fehrer Dref Spinning Parts Perforation machinery: Hot needle perforation Cold needle perforation Punch perforation (both vertical and rotary) Perforation toll services: Hot needle perforation Cold needle perforation Punch perforation ESD Plasma perforation Laser perforation for Nano, Micro and Macro perforation of various materials. Contact Stewarts of America with your perforaton requirements, we have agents in over 50 countries worldwide.
Locality : Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Pinned Perforation Rollers, Hot Needle Perforatiing Machinery, Perforation Equipment, Pinned Rollers, Pin Wheels, Perf Wheels, Perf Wheel, Dref Spinning Parts, Dref Perforated Rollers, Fehrer Dref Machinery, Fricton Spinning Machinery, Dref Ii, Dref Iii
Services : pinned perforation rollers, hot needle perforatiing machinery, perforation equipment, pinned rollers, pin wheels, perf wheels, perf wheel, dref spinning parts, dref perforated rollers, fehrer dref machinery, fricton spinning machinery, dref ii, dref iii