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Company : Openchannelflow

Address : 950 West Bannock Street, Suite 1100, Boise, Idaho, USA

Postcode : 83702

Website : www.openchannelflow.com


Description : Openchannelflow provides products and solutions to the difficult problems of measuring, conditioning, and controlling the flow of water in open channels. Openchannelflow works hard to provide relevant technical data for our products in a manner that allows our customers to make informed purchase decisions with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Great care is taken to review technical journals, articles, and other published research, condense it, and then highlight the results and their application to our range of products. Information that to multiple calls, emails, and faxes is presented in an accessible and engaging manner. Openchannelflow offers only standardized open channel primary devices. Sizing, capacities, and the proper application of these devices are established either in industry standards (ASTM, ISO, JIS, etc.) or leading research publications. Openchanneflow does not offer proprietary or non-standards conforming primary devices or attempt to rate devices above or below their researched minimum and maximum flow rates. Our goal is to allow our customers to focus on the data they collect...not how the data was collected.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Parshall Flume, Cutthroat Flume, Trapezoidal Flume, Montana Flume, Rbc Flume, H Type Flume, Flow Monitoring Manhole, Grinder Manhole, Weir Plate, Weir Box
Services : parshall flume, cutthroat flume, trapezoidal flume, montana flume, rbc flume, h type flume, flow monitoring manhole, grinder manhole, weir plate, weir box