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Company : ENS Private Network LLC

Address : USA

Website : http://express-note-services.branded.me/


Description : Express Note Services was created some years ago by mind linking professionals from a number of backgrounds to develop a system that would problem solve and create positive solutions in the investment arenas while meeting our objectives to resolve issues as related to standard business polices in real estate, and commodity transactions under national and International law. What was created is called a win/ win concept, of which ENS emerge our cutting edge concepts that solve the major issues which prevent transactions such as these from closing with complete transparency. In addition, as aggressive investment group we create win/win scenarios for banking institutions to private holding companies especially for nonperforming assets . And we also create win/win for home owners regardless of their situation by providingsound POF or EMD to prove our intent with the capability of closing quickly.Our private network also sales as well by arranging unique principle to principle relationships where sellers are align to a selected buyers with financial information is never not put at risk due to so called mandates and brokerage groups. Our primary goal is to services our clientele of sellers and buyers first and foremost!! Like in the movie Field of Dreams..."build it and they will come"... and principle sellers and buyers have been coming ever since...ENS is not a brokerage firm we are aggressive investors nor do we place our other clientele sellers or buyers through our private network at risk, we only align the best seller to the best buyer that meet or exceeds the seller requirements vs. a seller that has the right product at the right location or locations, or that would meet the buyers volume of product needed to their production and/or profit objectives. ENS Private Network was formed to eliminate the barriers in commodity markets while a sound environment to produce solid closing capabilities at no risk to either party. So all parties that we involve ourselves with are on a direct contact basis, this way we ensure selected parties are sound and ready to do business.We built our team of sound professionals to meet the needs of the seller and assign the buyer from a closing team that will structure a professional purchasing package to present to buyers with all the details of the subject investment and the return favors on the buyer's rate of return. For the buyer seeking long term investment we arrange business managers and fill leasing objectives to convert the investment into multiple earning streams!! While creating multiple opportunities with high return factors for the investors who meet our standard but simple requirements.
Locality : World wide
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Scrap Metal, Steel, Iron Ore, Non-Ferrous, Ferroalloys, Hms 1 &Amp; 2, Concentrates And Ores
Services : scrap metal, steel, iron ore, non-ferrous, ferroalloys, hms 1 & 2, concentrates and ores