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Phone : 1-8109230806

Company : North Italian Plastic Technology

Address : Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA

Website : www.nip-tech.com


Description : NIP-Tech is a network of three of the best plastic technology companies in Italy. Formed in 2013, these companies each specialize in a different area of plastic technology.

Baruffaldi Plastic Technology Srl specializes in downstream extrusion equipment, including extrusion tools, punching machines, haul off machines, calibration tables, milling machines, cutting units and special machines for plastic pipes with its other company, Primac.

Engin Plast Srl specializes in gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems, plastic granulators for recycling and machines for raw material transport and feeding.

Comav Srl specializes in bag emptying units, equipment for pneumatic transport, polystyrene compacting systems, equipment for emptying containers, box emptying devices, and indoor storage.

All three companies are well known and respected around the world and produce some of the best machinery in the plastics industry. With the combined resources, NIP-Tech is able to increase the global competitiveness of all three companies while expanding into new territories. In collaboration with Alliance Automation, LLC., these companies now have a presence in the United States and Canada.

You may contact any of the companies directly or you may contact Alliance Automation if you are in the United States or Canada.

Baruffaldi, Srl - http://www.baruffaldi.eu/
Engin Plast, Srl - http://www.enginplast.com/en/
Comav, Srl – http://www.comav-srl.com/en/index.htm
Alliance Automation, LLC. - http://allianceautomation.biz/
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Extrusion Tools, Indoor Storage, Material Transport Systems, Gravimetric Dosing Systems, Polystyrene Compactors, Punching Machines, Volumetric Dosing Sysytems, Haul Off And Calibration Tools, Granulators For Plastic Recyling, Bag Emptying Machines
Services : extrusion tools, indoor storage, material transport systems, gravimetric dosing systems, polystyrene compactors, punching machines, volumetric dosing sysytems, haul off and calibration tools, granulators for plastic recyling, bag emptying machines