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Phone : 1-772-6643657

Company : Pure Produce

Address : 8875 Fleming Grant rd, Micco, Florida, USA

Postcode : 32976

Fax : 1-772-6649318

Mobile : 1-5615045302

Website : www.pureproduce.com


Description : For 25 years now we have been a family owned and operated farm on the space coast of Florida. Today we are going strong and looking to sell to new markets. the farm produces year round hydroponic tomatoes, cucumbers, Asian long beans, sweet Holland bell peppers and Boston Bibb lettuce. Please contact us if interested in purchasing a very high quality product for consumers with high quality taste. Sincerely, The farm Pure Produce
Services : tomato, tomatoes, cucumber, cucumbers, bell peppers, sweet holland bell peppers, asian long beans, baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, boston bibb lettus, lettus, herbs and spices,