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Phone : 1-703-8649218

Company : Nikkoshen Life Design

Address : USA

Website : www.nikkoshen.com


Description : We are here to help people design the life they want to have for themselves, using the ancient but still applicable arts of Astrology and Numerology, by offering a selection of over 216 products designed according to the principles of Astrology and Numerology.
Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Astro-Numerological Jewelry Design, Aromatherapy Products, Organic Clothing, Green Household Products, Brainwave Entrainment Products, Meditation Tools, Isochronic Tones
Services : astro-numerological jewelry design, aromatherapy products, organic clothing, green household products, brainwave entrainment products, meditation tools, isochronic tones