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Company : Veritas Global Health, LLC.

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Country : United States

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Website : www.VeritasGlobalHealth.com


Description : Veritas Global Health LLC. is a pharmaceutical distributor with a world wide network of partners that believes that its business is part of a larger picture of the well-being of the global community; one that improves health, adds to quality of life, and does so in a manner that cuts costs while delivering the best possible products to patients around the world.
Services : Health & Medical, Drugs, Health & Medical, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Health & Medical, Veterinary Medicine, Health & Medical, Other Health Care Products, Health & Medical, Drugs, Health & Medical, Veterinary Medicine, Antineoplastic, Anticancer, Immunosuppressants, Diabetic, Antibiotics, Anti-Malarials, Quinolones, Anti-Ulcer, Anti-Virals, Anti-Fungals, Anesthetics, Cardiac