1-5152801111 / Paper Systems, Inc.

Phone : 1-5152801111

Company : Paper Systems, Inc.

Address : Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Website : www.paper-systems.com


Description : Paper Systems offers a wide variety of liquid shipping container options, “user friendly” recyclable designs, and range of intermediate bulk container sizes from 110 gallons through 330 gallons. Paper Systems works with you to find the right bag in box solution for a wide variety of non hazardous liquids or viscous materials. Paper Systems family of liquid packaging products includes the “EZ-BULK®”, “EZ-DRAIN®”, “EZ-BULK 48 X 40®” , and “EXO-BIN®”. Paper Systems has been an industry leader in liquid bulk packaging and specifically the intermediate bulk containers (IBC) for over 20 years.
Locality : Des Moines, Iowa USA
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Ez-Bulk, Ez-Set, Exo-Bin
Services : ez-bulk, ez-set, exo-bin