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Company : Cargo Foods

Address : 4148 ste catherine w, westmount, quebec, Canada

Country : Canada

Postcode : h3z0a2

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Description : We able to supply White Refined Cane Sugar, Icumsa 45, with the following Specifications, Terms & Conditions as set forth below. COMMODITY SPECIFICATIONS: SUGAR ICUMSA 45 Fit for Human Consumption White Refine Cane Sugar Icumsa 45 Polarity at 20 Deg. Centigrade: 99.80 Min. Ash Content: 0.04% M�¡x. Moisture: 0.06% M�¡x by weight. Solubility: 100.0% dry free flowing. Granulometry: .55-.70 AM MM Sediments: None Icumsa: Color 45 ICUMSA attenuation index units Color: Brilliant White Crop: current Crop Magnetic Particles: mg/k 4. Sulfur in Dioxide: mg/kg 20. Radiation: Normal certified without presence of Cesium or Iodine SO2: 20mg/kg Reducing Sugar: .005 maximum by weight Max AS: 1 P.P.M. Max PS: 2 P.P.M. Max CU: 3 P.P.M. Substance: Solid crystal Smell: Free of any smell HPN STAPH Aureus: NIL
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Sugar, Rice, Flour
Services : sugar, rice, flour