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Phone : 1-510-4681814

Company : MSI Trading Company

Address : Broadway, Oakland, ca, USA

Postcode : 94605

Fax : 1-510-4797937


Description : We are MSI Trading Company based in Oakland , USA. We are member of Tradekey.com since November, 2009. Our business is related to Energy Products industry and we specifically deal in Gas Oil D2. Please find our product details below: Satellite Equippment Thrane & Thrane ������ Easytrack Transceiver TT 3026 L/M-8 New ������ Capsat Bigdish Phone TT 3066A-2 New ������ Dual Mode Capsat Transceiver TT 3028 CM-2 New ������ Maritime Capsat Antenna TT 3005M-2 New Bgan Regonal Inmarsat- 54 New 2 Seatel Satellite- 8 New 3 Qualcomm 1600 Satellite Phone-30 used no batterys 4 Pallet of Qualcomm 1410 Handsfree Car Kit GCK- 19 New ������ ������  Qualcomm Carkit Handset CXDTCO521-48 New ������ ������ ������ Packet Data Terminal PDT 100-30 Used ������ ������  Qualcomm 1210 Universal Travel Charger-50 New 1 Wescor RDT 800-110 New 2 Intersat Interfax HD Version-60 New 3 KVH Industries Trial Phone Deluxe-4 New 4 Qualcomm GSP 2900 LP55-29 New 5 Series 1000 Mobile Satellite Telephone System-5 New Gas Oil D2 Gasoil D2 Cetane index not less than 45 Diesel index not less than 53 Distillation: I.P.P., ؛C, not more than 162 50% ؛C, not more than 280 96% ؛C, not more than 360 Viscosity at 20؛C, mm2 sec 3.6-6.0 pour point ؛C not more than -10 cloud point ؛C not more than -5 flash point ؛C (closed up), not less than 62 Sulphur, not more than .2 mercaptane sulphur, % not more than 0.02 HS content absent Test with copper plate positave Alkali absent colour ASTM, not more than 2.0 ascidity, mg KON/loog gasoil, not more than 10 lodine number, g iodine/loog, not more than 6 oxyd ashes, not more than 0.01 conradson carbon residue, 10th % not more than 0.20 filtering cefficient, not more than 3 sediments, % absent water content absent Density at 20؛C, kg/M3, not more than 860 Density at 20؛C, kg/M3, not less than 830 Thank you for taking the time to go through our business profile. If there are any question, inquiry or comments, please feel free to contact us.
Category : Business Type:Exporters
Services : Gas Oil D2
Services : Gas Oil D2