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Phone : 1-4143958503

Company : Manana Organic Tea And Dried Herbs

Address : P.O Box 752,, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Postcode : 53082

Fax : 1-8772627675

Website : www.mananaorganic.com


Description : Manana's mission is to provide soothing, flavorful, and aromatic teas that are earth friendly and strictly monitored for quality control. In addition to offering the best that we can produce, we believe that consumers should not have to pay more for a product that is superior to its competition. We strive to maintain these goals and deliver our promise of satisfaction. Founded in 2006 in the highlands of Armenia, Manana began its history with the belief that its reputation would be that of trust and dedication to producing the highest quality product possible. Since then, Manana tea has been embraced and enjoyed by an ever-expanding audience of consumers overseas. Now, Manana Tea, partnering with Travelers Imports, is introducing its USDA certified organic line of teas to US customers. Located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Travelers Imports is a wholesale distribution company with an eye on the future.
Locality : USA/Armenia
Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Selling Thyme, Mint, St Johns Wort, Biluochun Green Tea, Bidens, Bryony(Roots), Calendula, Chicory, Chicory (Roots), Clover, Everlasting (Curry Plant), Liquorice, Mountain Sorrel(Thrown), Melilot, Motherwort, Mullein(Roots), Rubia(Roots), Wormwood, Yarrow
Services : selling thyme, mint, st johns wort, biluochun green tea, bidens, bryony(roots), calendula, chicory, chicory (roots), clover, everlasting (curry plant), liquorice, mountain sorrel(thrown), melilot, motherwort, mullein(roots), rubia(roots), wormwood, yarrow