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Company : Ital Tiger LLC

Address : 32, Aerodrome street, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, Ukraine

Country : Ukraine

Website : www.italtiger.com


Description : Ital Tiger LLC from Ukraine produces 2 kinds of ready-to-use rodenticidal bait:
1) Rats Death #1 (rodenticide paste containing the brodifacoum manufactured in Italy),
2) Rats Death #2(rodenticide paste containing the bromadiolone manufactured in Italy).

The principal advantage of our products is their attraction for the rodents. They do not cause acute food poisoning and rodents cannot determine the reason of the indisposition and do not alert the population. Besides, rodents leave their shelters because of asphyxiation feeling so they perish not in their burrows under the floor but outside the room, in the open space.
Rat's Death #1 and Rat's Death #2 include natural ingredients (flour, sunflower oil, sugar, special aromatizers), that is why rodents prefer the bait to their habitual food.They contain antimicrobial and antimycotic agents due to which they do not lose their effectiveness and attraction during a very long time (guaranteed application time is minimum 24 months).

These products are appropriate both for domestic and professional use.

We would welcome the opportunity to export our products to your country for agreed prices.
Locality : Ukraine
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Rats Death
Services : rats death