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Company : GramaTech

Address : 6880 Acco Street, Commerce, Los Angeles, California, USA

Postcode : 90040

Website : http://www.gramatech.com


Description : GramaTech (a division of SECO) is a leading manufacturer of vacuum packaging machine, hand held heat sealer equipments & impulse sealers all around the California, USA. Gramatech sells all kinds of sealing & packaging machines like vacuum packaging machine, heat sealers for food item, hand held bag sealers, impulse sealers etc. We believe in top quality, customer satisfaction and quick delivery. We manufacture spare parts & tool kits of sealer machines.

Have a look at our products: -

Commercial & Industrial Vacuum Sealers:

We have been manufacturing vacuum packaging machines from over two decades. vacuum sealer is prominent equipment to air free packaging of the product and shelf life extension as well. We manufacture the huge range of Commercial vacuum sealers to reach out industrial demands. We produce vacuum sealers from 16” to high production vacuum packaging.

Heat Sealer Machine:

We manufacture high performance heat sealing equipment like Mighty Mutt and Workhorse heat sealer. Our Products are highly qualitative in the industries to seal many kinds of bags PP, PE, Polymer, Foil, Tyvek and Nylon. We deliver our heat sealing equipment to pharmaceutical, medical & other industries at very affordable rate. We also create custom heat sealers according to customer’s requirements.

Hand Held Heat Sealer:

Gramatech has adequate heat sealing models for a wide variety of polyethylene, laminated foil and other barrier films. These sealers are available at affordable price and easy to operate. We have plenty of designed hand held heat Sealer & bag sealer that comes in various sizes from 6” to 26” like clamp type, scissor & advanced hand held sealers.

Impulse Sealers:

We manufacture hand operated impulse sealers & supplies to customers as per their requirements. Gramatech impulse sealer is the most ubiquitous packaging machine to seal bags in general industries or small industries. Our impulse sealers are easy to operated & adjust heating time. Suitable for all kinds of plastic films.

We provide technical support to our customers by phone, email, fax 24 hours & available from 8am to 4pm pacific standard time.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Vacuum Packaging Machine, Industrial Vacuum Sealer, Heat Sealer, Hand Held Heat Sealer, Impulse Sealer
Services : vacuum packaging machine, industrial vacuum sealer, heat sealer, hand held heat sealer, impulse sealer