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Description : Prince Diamonds LLC was founded in 2001 by F. Prince, as a gift to his ailing wife, M. prince, whom at the time was diagnosed with a rare terminal illness. With a little prayer, and a lot of love, M. Prince, against all odds, was cured, no doubt a blessing, but albeit a by-product of the solace the Diamond company they founded brought them. Husband and wife, joined forever in matrimony and in business. We are probably the only company in america founded on love! We provide a unique service to a niche market that is new, and is expanding at an astronomical rate. We provide High Quality lab-made diamond jewelry to the common man, who normally cant afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on 'bling' such as diamond encrusted watches, chains, etc. This is a HUGE market virtually untapped. We are one of the pioneering companies of the 'bling era'.We are a small company, family owned, and based out of central florida.
Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Custom Diamond Jewelry
Services : custom diamond jewelry