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Phone : 1-316-7992166

Company : AdTech International

Address : P.O. Box One, Whitewater, Kansas, USA

Postcode : 67154

Fax : 1-316-7992877

Website : www.AdTechSales.com


Description : Carbon Fiber Remanufacturing is a division of AdTech Intl. Inc. in Wichita, Kansas, USA, "air capital of the world". Company converts carbon fiber scrap to new and advanced forms of carbon fiber materials for production of composites, fire retardant fabrics, high temperature thermal insulation barriers, as well as providing short cut fiber to processors of felts, BMC and CFRP compounds for injection molding, compression molding and sheet molding compounds.
Locality : KS, OH, NC, SC, NY, CA
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Carbon Fiber Remanufacturing
Services : carbon fiber, carbon powder