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Phone : 1-251787866

Company : Fenberg Export Co. Ltd

Address : westwood avenue, Carnesville, Georgia, USA

Postcode : 10044

Fax : 1-543677666

Mobile : 1-46670001

Website : www.fenbergexports.com


Description : Our company is the leading trading company in theU.S.A and we are manufacturers of acrylic displays and also we take huge part in the buying and selling of other prodcuts here and around the world. we have a large kinds and different types of products that we buy from other suppliers and we also sell to others who would buy from us. Our company which was established in the year 1986 has grown largely to become the leading company in buying and selling of good products all around the world.
Locality : westwood avenue
Category : Business Type:Importers
Services : Mechanical Equipment, Electronics
Services : mechanical equipment, electronics