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Address : No.8 Bengbu Road, Sifang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China

Country : China

Website : http://www.qdbangyu.net


Description : For more than a decade since founded, Qingdao Bangyu UV&IR Lamps Co., Ltd have long been focusing on the quality of products and services based on the accumulation of the valuable experience in the use of products of domestic and foreign customers, which brought the company an excellent reputation in the industry.
Adopting American GE quartz tubes and high accuracy metal halide, our company developed a variety of domestic leading special light source which can perfectly match various kinds of imported plate printing machine, offset press, letterpress printing machine, rotary press, flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine, woodworking machine, flooring machine, furniture and pvc machine, shoemaking machine and curing machine for special industry.
Locality : Qingdao
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Ultraviolet Lamp, Infrared Lamp, 5.6Kw Uv Lamp, 3Kw Uv Lamp, 8Kw Uv Lamp, 9.6Kw Uv Lamp, 11.2 Uv Lamp, 2Kw Uv Lamp, Uv Lamp, Uv Transformer