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Dear Sir, Below is our company procedure, i will be attaching our company FCO on our company letter head if you are okay with the procedure.     Our company's policy has always been that once a buyer is buying our product, we advice them to come down to Ghana and not only see the product, but also have the opportunity of carrying out laboratory test on it, while using the same opportunity to enter into a long time contract agreement with us.       With the above arrangement, buyers is able to be more convinced about the credibility of who it is dealing with because there are too many cases of fraudulent sellers and buyers out there who tend to dupe buyers and seller, and we have decided to always ask our buyers to come and see our operational capacity, and be convinced. Once one of your representatives is able to make it to Ghana, and after fully inspecting our product, while going round our operational sites, buyer will be responsible in paying all their shipping cost, as well as all government related taxes directly to the right authorities to ensure that their merchandise is exported to them in their choice of destination.     As a company, we do not, as a matter of policy, ask buyers to pay any up front money when they have not seen the goods. Most times, these crooks that tend to pose as sellers use the idea of asking buyers to send shipping cost and government taxes to them in Ghana to enable them ship their goods, and once the money is sent, the buyers will hear nothing again from these fake sellers. This is why we always advice buyers to come down to Ghana handle their businesses themselves, because gold dust business is a big business that involves a lot of money, so buyers should be careful about the way they handle their money with sellers. We have lost product last year based on CIF so we don’t do business again on CIF or SBLC, DLC, BG OR LC.       On the other head, that is when buyer wishes to pay for the taxes and the shipment of the gold and pay for the gold after the final assay of the product in his refinery. With this procedure our agent must be the one to take care of paying the taxes and also with shipment, but the comfort we can give to buyer is to deposit a collateral based on what buyer will be paying for the shipment in the bank, buyer and seller sign the agreement in the bank, that if anything goes wrong with the shipment buyer has the right to go back and pick the collateral that is deposited in the bank against the money he paid for shipment.     Secondly, on FOB procedures we can go through ASAP VASA, PMMC AND AA MINERALS, seller will send the total product to any of these refineries and after the assay of the product in any of the above mentioned refinery, buyer pays for the total cost of the goods before seller does the change of ownership to buyers name.       Having explained the above, it will be in your own interest to think about the possibility of sending someone to Ghana to seal a long term deal with our company as soon as you are ready.     Do endeavor to consider all our explanations in this mail to you, and let us know your position on the next step you intent to take as soon as possible, which will surely enable us to move with any possible transaction as earnestly as now.        We hope to hear from you as soon as you are ready. We are looking forward to doing good business with you anytime you are fully ready for us. Just in case you want we can assist you with an entry visa into Ghana, our company will surely assist in this regard, so that all you have to let us know right away is when you think it will be possible for you to be in Ghana.   Thank you very much for your time, and do have a wonderful day.     Thanks for your co-operation.       Regards, emma.koffi
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