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Company : Reel Wire Inc., LLC

Address : Edge Hill Rd, Abington, pennsylvania, USA

Postcode : 19001

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Description : Reel Wire Inc., LLC is an industrial wholesale distributor of welding rods, wires and other special metals within the construction and infrastructure materials and procurement industries. Reel Wire Inc., LLC is known for its integrity, quality, industry expertise and excellence in management and consumer relations in saving their customers cost on their products. As a more than successful independent partnership, Reel Wire has established such a strategic position with some of the countries most prominent industry leaders by legally gaining respective long term relationships as supplier/distributors for them and their subsidies. WELDING ALLOYS WE STOCK : INCONEL, NICKEL,MONEL,HASTALLOY,TITANIUM,COBALT WIRES,COBALT POWDERS LET US QUOTE YOU ON ANY WELDING ROD AND WIRE THAT YOU MAY NEED. OUR PRICES WILL NOT BE UNDER SOLD!! BEST REGARDS CHARLES RECTOR
Services : welding rod and wires