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Company : Guangzhou Brandon Manufacturing company Ltd

Address : Qiling Industrial Park, Langbian Village, Shiji To

Fax : 0086-20-84556708

Website : http://www.brandonequipment.com


Description : Brandon Equipment Manufacturing Company Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Best Channel Development Ltd. from Hong Kong. We specialize in manufacturing sheet metal stainless steel food service equipment for hyperstore, supermarket, convenience store, fast food restaurant, canteen, hotel etc. The product we are manufacturing includes computer controlled fryers, heated display cabinets, toaster, steamer, gas range, barbecue, griddle, rotisserie, water boiler, coffee maker, work table, small wares etc. Please feel free to cantact our export assistant Mandy Lin if you are interested in our products, and Mandy Lin e.mail is : mandylin@brandonequipment.com
Category : Griddle,work table,Convenience Store