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Description : Flaslite Company Profile:
Dongguan Flaslite Electronics Co.,Limitedstarted on 2005. it`s based in Dongguan, Guangdong province, where between Shenzhen and Guangzhou.The factory is in Nancheng, Dongguan.Branche is located in Hong Kong.
Dongguan Office and factory are serving for marketing and taking charge of the production. With the development of the business, Hongkong branch is set up on 2013,which special for the overseas financials, cause of the barrier of foreign exchange as well.
Since 2005, Flaslite Electronics has began to research the first LED flashlight, the initiate concept of the new product is that it should be friendly environmental . LED is just the right thing, the efficiency of light of which is 5 times than the traditional flashlight, that means energy saving. What's more, the operating life of LED is 100000 hours theoretically ,which is much longer compared with the conventional bulb. The LED flashlight has been well-received since it`s first marketed. Since 2008, "Flaslite" has applied for patents on many appearances and technologies. "Flaslite" has built up dealerships and agencies almost across half part of the mainland till 2008.
2012, "Flaslite" has finished VIS(Visual Indentification System) and IMC(Integrated Marketing Communication) renovations.The logo pattern "F" is the initial letter of "Flaslite", the shape of which is a warehouse, they are integrated together into the logo of "Flaslite". that means resources.
Since 2012,Flaslite has occupied the the great market share of mainland China. In 2013, Flaslite begins to set into international market.So far, Flaslite has built up the business relationships with America, Mid-east, Europe and South- east Asia. Flaslite performs her provision gradually.
Flaslite is a company full of innovation,during 9 years, Flaslite had produced more than 200 types flashlights and supplied up to 300 types relative products, included of rechargeable flashlight, fishing light, security&safety light, portable flood light, bike light, headlamp, diving light, tactical light, jade light etc. Flaslite gets the advanatges of scale production and merchandise, thus, Flaslite has a better price.
To the world, Flaslite positioned herself a reliable and permanent worldwide resource of flashlights. Everyone can find the flashlights they need here. Also, ODM, OEM are accepted. Your concepts-from products to package, even manuals, will become reality in Flaslite.
Flaslite persists focusing on the quality to make "Flaslite" as a reputable and trustful international brand and Continues to supply the better products and better services to the world.
Problems you may have during worldwide purchase?
China, as well known to the world, the international factory, Certainly, China export lots of products, but the factories are dispersed over mainland, the good and bad factories are intermingled, you may difficult to find the right supplier who can supply you the products with better price and quality. You may waste lots of time and costs to compare the sample and even more, the reliable , responsible supplier in long term to supply you the products.
Who is Flaslite?
Start from 2005, A company in Dongguan, China, which produce various flashlights. Famous brand in China, while new to the world. Flaslite means resources, quality and price.
Core Mission
Save your time and money on procurement of flashlights. All done in Flaslite.
Company Provision
Becomes the reliable and permanent worldwide resource of flashlights.

Locality : Dongguan
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Middle Charging Flashlight, Middle Switch Flashlight, Focusing Flashlight, T6 High Light Flashlight, Fishing Light, Mobile Power Flashlight, Headlamp, Portable Light, Tail Switch Flashlight, Security Flashlightk, Riding Flashlight, Camping Flashlight
Services : middle charging flashlight, middle switch flashlight, focusing flashlight, t6 high light flashlight, fishing light, mobile power flashlight, headlamp, portable light, tail switch flashlight, security flashlightk, riding flashlight, camping flashlight