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Description : We, Jiangsu Yinhe Chemical & Light Indusrty Group, Rubber Factory from China, are one of preferred suppliers and professional manufacturers specializing in EPDM Rubber Granules, which are mainly used in many sports surfaces. We are an ISO9001 accredited company and also accredited by member of the IAF MLA for QMS. EPDM color Rubber Granules Main Application: Running track(3mm-4mm, Red) Playground, multi-purpose sports field(3mm-4mm, Green) Tennis courts surface (1mm-2mm,Green) Stuff to artificial grass (1mm-3mm, Green) Kindergarten ground surface( 2mm-3mm, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Apple Green,etc.) Rubber mat ( 2mm-3mm, Gray, Brown, Dark Green) Landscape surface(2mm-3mm, Green, Apple Green,etc.) Our Unique advantages: 1). Real raw material ------ We use 100% EPDM material, never mix any strene butadiene rubber, natural rubber instead. 2). Bright Color------the color are stable, fastness, high resistance, difficult fading. Bright Color: Iron oxide red, grass green, sky blue, beige yellow etc. (or makes according to user's enquiry) 3). Light gravity-----we use the super-fine white carbonic acid and light calcium carbon as stuffing material to raise the tensile and wear resistance of particles and to obviously reduce the gravity of particals and to greatly reduce the paving and decoration cost of racetracks for our clients. 4). Strong adhesiveness 5). dust free If you are interested in the EPDM Rubber Granules, do please contact me directly by vickyxia1980(at)126(dot)com and I'd be very glad to offer you more.
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