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Description : TIANBAO cloisonne enamel jewelry watches Limited. Guangdong Province, China Baoan District, Shenzhen ZHONGWU village industrial zone. We in China's Shenzhen. Having our own production plant. The company specializes in the production, cloisonne enamel watches and jewelry. So the products are fired through 700-1100 degree heat. Bright colors. There are different styles of country design. Welcome buyers send a draft design customized products. Welcome to China to visit our factory. Our main products are: 1. Cloisonne enamel watches Cloisonne enamel watches engraving machine, at least Quantity: 300PCS. Cloisonne enamel watches, Minimum order quantity is: 50PCS. Painting cloisonne enamel watches, Minimum order quantity is: 10PCS. 2 cloisonne enamel pendants, bracelets, rings. Materials used are copper, silver, gold. Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS.
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Services : cloisonne enamel watches&jewelry